Floor Care

You have invested in your business and hired the right employees for the job. They bring value to your company, and a clean working or retail environment substantially enhances the look and feel of a properly maintained facility. That's where Magnum Power clean can help with carpets, flooring, and basic janitorial tasks.


Janitorial ServiceS



Careful thought and consideration went into the selection of your beautiful stone flooring. Over time even natural materials require some tender love and care. Magnum Power Clean can clean and help restore the natural beauty of your marble, travertine, granite, slate or quartz.

Magnum Power Clean has been specializing in residential carpet cleaning services since 1987.  We use truck mounted equipment for safe deep cleaning.

​​Tile & Grout

Ceramic tile can withstand the test of time if carefully maintained. Our cleaning method removes dirt and grime from cracks and crevices inherent in the flooring materials you have chosen and thoroughly cleans grout to the consistent look of the flooring and reduce the obvious traffic patterns created over time.

​​​Floor Care

natural stone
​​​Carpet Cleaning

.Regular consistent maintenance, using the proper cleaning products is a must when it comes to handling commercial grade carpet.